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IVECO embraces change in product and services renewal

IVECO is renewing its entire product range, all at once. (Image source: IVECO)

At a launch event in Barcelona, Spain, IVECO presented the renewal of its complete product range and service offering under the theme ‘BE THE CHANGE’

“Striving for change is a full-time job to which we have dedicated all our resources over the last four years,” commented Luca Sra, president, truck business unit, Iveco Group. “In 2019, we started a new journey, driving a profound evolution in IVECO by keeping our eyes focused on the customer and tailoring our offering to their needs, throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle and beyond.”

Anticipating the evolution of the market, over the past four years the brand has invested in renewing its products based on customers’ needs and utilise existing partnership to accelerate the deployment of innovative advancements. This has included the development of a multi-energy product offering around sustainable and profitable solutions for business needs and the enhancement of its electric vehicle offering with a new, dedicated manufacturing hub established in Ulm, Germany. Furthermore, in a bid to advance in its servitisation strategy, IVECO has built a 360-degree ecosystem around its vehicles and requirements to become more connected to customers and their requirements. 

“We worked hard and fast, humbled by the trust that our customers placed in us, and today, we are opening a new chapter in our history,” continued Sra. “With the Full range Model Year 2024 launch, we demonstrate our capacity to fearlessly move forward and fight in our customers’ corner, supporting their success with a 360-degree mobility ecosystem, the choice of the technology that best suits their needs across all segments, and the most extensive service offer.”

To mark this change, the company revealed a new brand identity. Standing tall in black, it has been adopted to express the brand’s dynamism and innovation while maintaining a link with its history, according to the company. At the centre, the bright mark of blue cuts across to represent the crossroads between IVECO’s heritage and new energy future and, as part of the logo, will illustrate how the company is moving forward in a rapidly evolving modern society. 

Iveco Barcellona 1529 1

The entire range renewed 

In Barcelona, the new chapter of the company was announced in the form of a historic EU€1bn investment to renew its entire product range all at once.

Focusing on the four pillars of business productivity, driver experience, sustainability and connectivity, the new features innovations will cover all vehicle systems and seek to make drivers’ lives easier. 

Improvements to IVECO’s offerings encompass a wide range from propulsion (such as the introduction of a state-of-the-art engine in the heavy-duty segment) and to advanced human-machine interface with enhanced on-board technology for safer driving. Guided by its understanding that technology must adapt to the mission and meet mission targets, IVECO has developed electric versions of its light and heavy ranges while seeking to enhance its internal combustion engine vehicles. This includes those running on natural gas in order to reduce their environmental impact.

Complementing this vehicle offering, is IVECO Services, a rapidly evolving ecosystem of solutions designed to support customers in managing their vehicle or fleet efficiently, reduce total cost of ownership and ensure profitability. 

Furthermore, the company has sought to support customers’ transition to net-zero emission mobility with eMobility-dedicated services designed to facilitate the switch to electric vehicles by increasing productivity and maximising vehicle range and energy efficiency. Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem (GATE) is an inclusive pay-per-use business model for the long-term rental of green commercial vehicles while IVECO CAPITAL offers customers a comprehensive financial solution for all electric vehicles as well as the whole IVECO range. 

Certainly, this is a clear statement of intent from the company to be a frontrunner in the transitioning transportation industry and it will be exciting to see what more announcements will emerge from the company as this next chapter plays out. 

IVECO new Logo

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