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Uganda to upgrade the Kasese airfield

The new airport will be expected to boost the agricultural sector and tourism the Rwenzori region. (Image source: khym54/Flickr)

Ugandas Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has revealed plans to upgrade the Kasese airfield, located in the Kasese district of Unganda, to an airport in this financial year

CAA manager in charge of upcountry air fields Wonekha Sam said this recently, adding that the CAA has already got a contractor to fence off the land to begin the construction. 

Wonekha said that more than US$57mn has been earmarked for the first phase of the project that will be expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this financial year. Wonekha added that CAA has also gotten involved in negotiations with people who claim they were poorly compensated for their land.

The CAA manager noted, “Many funders have expressed interest in this project, including China, but we want to first settle the displaced residents’ issues before we go on with the work.”

He reassured that the airport will boast agriculture and tourism in the Rwenzori region, and asked locals to cooperate with the contractors to ensure that the project ran smoothly.