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Qatar Airways to start direct flights to Maputo from Doha

Direct flights between Maputo and Doha will increase tourism prospects in Africa and Middle East. (Image source: AeroIcarus/Flickr)

Qatar Airways has decided to increase the number of connections between Mozambique and Qatar from March

In a Maputo-based report titled Noticias, officials from the Doha-based airline announced that a direct flight would be established between Maputo and Doha. Currently, the flight shuttles between the two capital cities with a stopover at Johannesburg.

Following the formalising of a direct flight between the two countries, there is an added incentive for passengers who would like to save time as well as explore travel possibilities in other parts of Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Qatar Airways is likely to use a Boeing 787 between Maputo and Doha.

The airline, considered among the busiest carriers in the Middle East, has begun the new year by adding more routes and increasing frequency on existing ones, said the company website.