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Ethiopian Airlines uses artificial intelligence to personalise passenger experiences

The platform has helped the airlines to gather insights from its passengers’ visits to the website and discover trends in their behaviour and interests. (Image source: Christian Junker | Photography/Flickr)

Ethiopian Airlines is using Genesys Predictive Engagement platform to use real-time statistics and data to boost passenger experience 

Even as companies in every industry have been struggling with long periods of customer support throughout the pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines has successfully reduced its passengers’ average time of residence by 72%. This is the result of the use of customer data and insights to provide a more relevant and timely service.

Accelerated service and tailored offerings

In the months preceding COVID-19, Ethiopian Airlines began to use Genesys Predictive Engagement on the Genesys Cloud platform to gather insights from its passengers’ visits to the website and to discover trends in their behaviour and interests. This enables the company to use real-time statistics and data to tailor deals to individual customers that employees can offer via webchat.

Maximising conversion rates with the power of AI

“We knew we were missing out on revenue from thousands of prospects browsing and leaving our website,” said Getinet Tadesse, CIO at Ethiopian Airlines. “Genesys Predictive Engagement has enabled us to capture significantly more website window shoppers. Conversion rates rose by 14% in the first two weeks and by 49% at the six-week stage. And, we have only really scratched the surface of what the tool can do.”

Ethiopian Airlines plans to integrate Genesys Predictive Engagement into its mobile app and to enable AI-powered virtual assistants to respond to basic customer requests and frequently asked questions.

Customer experience gets personal

While Genesys Predictive Engagement was designed to leverage insights from website visits, the latest release of the application helps businesses, such as Ethiopian Airlines, tap into data from a number of native and third-party systems. This includes data from a CRM, an ATM event and a webchat, for example, to give organisations a more holistic view of an individual customer’s behaviour and make accurate predictions to drive even better business results.

Genesys also added deeper machine learning capabilities, including identity stitching, sequenced learning, and enhanced A/B testing. Organisations will benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of each customer, enabling them to deliver more prescriptive actions and services that deliver optimal results, such as sales conversion, avoiding churn, and more.

Genesys Predictive Engagement connects an innovative chain of actions, including past customer events, profile information and history, across multiple systems and channels, such as web and mobile, providing richer behavioural data,” said Olivier Jouve, executive vice-president and general manager of Genesys Cloud. “This enables organisations to deliver even more personalised offers and service while improving important business KPIs like lead conversion rates, for example.”

Newly embedded in Genesys CloudGenesys Predictive Engagement is a core component of the AI engine that enables Experience as a ServiceSM, the company’s vision for the contact centre industry to power unprecedented levels of personalisation.

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