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Aviation’s contribution to African economy set to take off

Focus Africa aims to maximise the contribution of aviation to development across Africa. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Focus Africa, an initiative aimed at maximising the contribution of aviation development across the African continent, will be welcoming a new member in the form of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) 

The announcement, made by AFRAA and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), stated that under Focus Africa, stakeholders are committed to delivering measurable improvements in the areas of infrastructure, safety, connectivity, finance & distribution, skills development and sustainability. 

“The continent is home to the world’s most rapidly growing population but accounts for just 2% of air passenger and cargo transport activity. The road to realising aviation’s potential will be long. But with the strong partnerships committed to Focus Africa, we can, and we will realise the needed change,” said Kamil Al Awadhi, IATA’s regional vice president for Africa and the Middle East.  

Abderahmane Berthé, AFRAA secretary general, added, “AFRAA and IATA share a common vision – the development of a safe, secure and sustainable aviation industry in Africa that facilitates business, trade, and tourism and contributes positively to Africa's economic growth and development. AFRAA fully supports and encourages collaboration in tackling the challenges and threats to the sustainability of Africa’s air transport sector. By joining IATA and the other Focus Africa partners we can help propel this initiative which will deliver widespread social and economic benefits.”

AFRAA and IATA also pointed out that they renewing a joint work programme in order to enhance collaboration between the two organisations. This includes promoting regional air connectivity by working with governments to support the implementation of the Single African Air Transport Market; liberating airline funds blocked by governments; improving operation safety; advising governments on the social and economic benefits of aviation to achieve a reasonable level of taxes and charges; and supporting compliance with the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.

Earlier this year IATA launched the Collaborative Aviation Safety Improvement Program to reduce the accident and serious accident rate across Africa. Read about the announcement here:

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