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Avanti to deliver pan-African air navigation system

The Artemis satellite will provide a navigation data broadcast service for SBAS-Africa. (Image source: Avanti)

Avanti Communications has been appointed to deliver a satellite-based air navigation system for Africa

The London-based telecommunications group was awarded the contract by the UK Space Agency under the International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP).

Using Avanti’s Artemis L1 navigation transponder to provide a navigation data broadcast service, the Satellite Based Augmentation System for Africa (SBAS-Africa) will deliver an augmentation system for GNSS-based aviation operations across “significant parts of Africa”, including Ghana and South Africa.

Matthew O’Connor, CEO at Avanti Communications said, “Participating countries will benefit hugely from expertise gained, placing them at the forefront of navigation services across the continent and, crucially, helping to improve aviation safety for a major generator of economic benefit in Africa.”

Despite having only three per cent of global air traffic, Africa accounts for around 20 per cent of global air accidents, with the continent recording the world's highest rate of fatal commercial aviation accidents in 2013, according to the Flight Safety Foundation.

Avanti said the SBAS-Africa project will therefore provide clear socio-economic benefits to the areas it will cover, including a US$1.85bn boost to the African aviation sector.