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Algerian city gets new airport terminal

The new terminal has improved check-in counters, among other upgrades. (Image source: MikhailKoninin/Flickr)

Algeria’s Rabah-Bitat airport terminal was commissioned last week, followed by the first flight departing to Marseilles in France

The new airport terminal is located in Annaba, a city located nine kilometres south of Algeria.

The facility was built in four months, following a series of interruptions, said Algerian transport minister Boudjemaâ Talai. According to him, the new terminal adds value to Annaba’s transport sector. Some of the new features include check-in counters, baggage handling and improved customs facilities.

With the new terminal, the Rabah-Bitat airport capacity has gone up to 700,000 passengers annually, with the possibility of introducing new domestic/international lines.