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A new generation of smart trucks for South Africa

The Ultra T.9 boasts a 3.3L engine while the Ultra T.14 is fitted with a 5.0L engine. (Image source: Tata Motors)

Tata Motors, a leading multinational automobile manufacturer, has launched its range of multipurpose heavy-duty trucks in South Africa alongside authorised dealer, Tata Africa Holdings Limited

The Ultra T.9 and Ultra T.14 are designed to fulfil the growing need for smarter, safer and greener cargo mobility and are suited to a range of conventional and specialist logistics applications. Notably features of the Ultra range include a walk-through cabin, power seating, a dashboard-mounted gear lever, booster assisted clutch, and a mechanically suspended seat for fatigue-free driving. 

Tata Motor’s turbocharged diesel engines powered the vehicles which also come equipped with parabolic suspension for rugged and uninterrupted operations. Notably, the trucks are fitted with the Fleet Edge, a connected vehicle system that provides efficient fleet management for owners to help them optimise their operations and maximise productivity. 

“The launch of the latest Ultra range in South Africa marks a new landmark in freight transportation in the country,” remarked Anurag Mehrotra, head – international business, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles. “Built on the internationally recognised Ultra platform, these trucks are engineered to cater to a diverse set of applications, deliver higher performance, vehicle utilisation, uptime and more revenues. We are committed to enabling our customers in South Africa succeed and the launch of this Ultra range is a significant step forward in fulfilling this commitment.”

Customer support

Tata Motors offers an umbrella of vehicle lifecycle management solutions such as annual maintenance contracts, extended warranty, fleet management services and a host of value-added services. These solutions are offered to ensure complete peace of mind for customers and help them achieve higher profitability. 

Len Brand, managing director, Tata Africa Holdings Limited, added, “With a robust network of 90 touchpoints, we’re focused on providing convenient and comprehensive support to our customers. Our dedication to delivering on our uptime promise remains strong. We assure our customers of complete satisfaction as we work to keep their businesses moving forward. In partnership with Tata Motors, we’re contributing to innovation and reliability in the South African commercial vehicle landscape.”

Elsewhere on the continent, the development of the vehicle industry is largely focused on the evolution of electric mobility, with momentum continuing to build. Click here to discover more.  

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