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Photo of EOS Sat-1 during separation from the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. (Image source: Dragonfly Aerospace)

Dragonfly Aerospace, a South African-based leading provider of Earth-observation optical payloads and satellite platforms, has launched the EOS SAT-1 as part of the Transporter-6 mission

Each BioNTainer is built of six ISO sized containers which allows for vaccine production in bulk. (Image source: BioNTech)

BioNTech SE has reached the next milestone in the establishment of scalable mRNA vaccine production in Africa with the construction of six ISO-sized shipping containers for the first BioNTainer 

Heman Kassan, director of Technodyn. (Image source: Technodyn)

Heman Kassan, director of Technodyn, offers his insights on minimising production downtime to significantly reduce income loss

Invertek’s Optidrive Eco range of variable speed drives. (Image source: Condra)

Condra, a South African leader in crane and hoist manufacturing, has acquired iTek Drives, a distributor of the Optidrive range of variable frequency drives (VFDs)

The WITNESS indicator will be integrated into an Artificial Intelligence-based fouling potential prediction tool. (Image source: ACCIONA)

ACCIONA has launched its WITNESS project with the aim of developing a biological indicator to preventively determine the presence of agents causing fouling in seawater reverse osmosis desalination processes

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