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DMT and MTL forge strategic partnership to unlock growth and drive change

Group photo of the signing of the contract on site. (Image source: DMT GROUP & MTL Consulting)

DMT GROUP, a global company and leading provider of engineering, consulting and technology solutions, has entered a strategic partnership with MTL Consulting Company Ltd., an East Africa-based consulting firm

This collaboration aims to combine MTL’s expertise and knowledge of the East African market with the flexibility and capability of DMT as internationally active, agile group of companies offering one-stop solutions. The partnership seeks to extend the joint services into the dynamic East African market to drive economic growth, technological advancement and create new opportunities for industry and society across the region.

The collaboration between DMT and MTL enables businesses in East Africa to effectively utilise cutting-edge technologies, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) services and innovative methodologies. Using their collective expertise, the partnership offers an unprecedented range of services, including technology implementation, digital transformation, strategic planning and consulting for any project size. The goal is to support East African companies to grow sustainably, streamline their operations and improve their competitiveness on African continent and on the global market.

"We are excited to partner with MTL Consulting as we expand our presence in East Africa," remarked Sodhie Naicker, managing director of DMT’s branch office in South Africa Kai Batla. "Their deep knowledge of the local market, combined with our expertise in delivering transformative solutions, will enable us to offer unparalleled services to clients in the region. Together, we will unlock new avenues of growth and drive positive change in East Africa." 

"MTL Consulting is delighted to enter into this strategic partnership with DMT," commented Dr Willison Mutagwaba, chairman of MTL Consulting Board of Directors. "As we celebrate 25 years of providing quality services to our clients, we believe that by combining our capabilities and leveraging DMT's human resource and technological expertise, we can bring significant value to clients in East Africa. Together, we will empower organisations to overcome challenges and achieve their business objectives with greater efficiency and agility." 

The partnership between DMT and MTL marks an exciting chapter for both organisations and underlines their shared commitment to providing exceptional solutions and services. The companies aim to serve the East African business landscape and drive sustainable growth for years to come.

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