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One of the reasons for the lack of trust to robots is the belief that robots are prone to cyberattacks. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

While showing trust towards robots in performing ordinary tasks in logistics, transportation and cleaning, according to recent Kaspersky research, employees in the Middle East, Turkiye and Africa region (META) are less willing to trust them with life critical functions

Photo of EOS Sat-1 during separation from the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. (Image source: Dragonfly Aerospace)

Dragonfly Aerospace, a South African-based leading provider of Earth-observation optical payloads and satellite platforms, has launched the EOS SAT-1 as part of the Transporter-6 mission

Each BioNTainer is built of six ISO sized containers which allows for vaccine production in bulk. (Image source: BioNTech)

BioNTech SE has reached the next milestone in the establishment of scalable mRNA vaccine production in Africa with the construction of six ISO-sized shipping containers for the first BioNTainer 

Heman Kassan, director of Technodyn. (Image source: Technodyn)

Heman Kassan, director of Technodyn, offers his insights on minimising production downtime to significantly reduce income loss

Invertek’s Optidrive Eco range of variable speed drives. (Image source: Condra)

Condra, a South African leader in crane and hoist manufacturing, has acquired iTek Drives, a distributor of the Optidrive range of variable frequency drives (VFDs)

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