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Tideland lanterns for port of Mombasa

Tideland Signal Limited, wins major contract to supply lanterns for Kenya Ports Authority in Mombasa harbour

Under the contract, Tideland will supply one TRB-220 rotating beacon, ten MaxLED-200 EFF lanterns with a range of 10NM, thirty SolaMAX 155/6 self-contained, solar-powered lanterns together with batteries and eight V03 Type-1 AIS AtoN remote monitoring units.  The Kenya Ports Authority has considerable experience with Tideland's LED lanterns and the V03 Informer AIS AtoN unit, which broadcasts the position of the buoy on which it is located and its status to shipping.

The Tideland TRB-220 rotating beacon for Mombasa is configured with six lenses as required by the flash character and three halogen lamps.  Specifically designed for lighthouse applications and conversions, the TRB-220 produces a high intensity beam for ranges up to 20nm.  It features an ultra-efficient optical system and sealed upper housing that will accommodate either an LED flasher or incandescent lamps, without the need for cooling fans or venting.  The drive system is an advanced gear-less direct-drive motor with a choice of AC or DC power input and is also suitable for solar-powered operation.


Withstanding severe environments

The MaxLED and SolaMAX lanterns were chosen following their successful installation in the port of Mombassa, which was fully supported by Tideland with technical advice and supporting information.

The MaxLED-200 is the smallest of a range of compact, long-range LED lanterns designed for offshore structures as well as land-based installations.  It has a range in excess of 10 nautical miles (>16 NM @ T=0.85) and will withstand the most severe environments, from ice-bound latitudes to the tropics.

Tideland's SolaMAX 155/6 is another compact, lightweight design, featuring integral solar panels charging a sealed lead acid battery via a solar regulator. All the internals, including the long-life LEDs and high-integrity electronics, are contained within a tough UV-resistant polycarbonate enclosure and will even withstand being temporarily submerged in salt water. The only time the lantern needs to be opened would be to change the battery, recommended after 5 years operation.


Mobasa harbour background

With a deep natural channel to the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is Kenya's largest port.  It offers a wide range of shipping services to key destinations around the world including Western Europe, Asia, the Far East, the Americas and the rest of Africa. There are regular feeder services between Mombasa and Dar-es-Salaam, Durban, Mogadishu, Djibouti, Salalah and Dubai.  According to the Kenya Ports Authority, the modernization of equipment and business process re-engineering has led to a growth in throughput of 2.8 per cent, from 15.96 mn tonnes in 2007 to 16.41mn tonnes in 2008.