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Japanese International Cooperation Agency signs loan agreement with Tunisia

The Medjerda is the largest river in Tunisia, and supports agribusiness. (Image source: US Army Corps/Flickr)

Tunisia has signed a loan agreement with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to roll out the Medjerda River Flood Control Project

JICA has signed a second loan agreement with the Tunisian Company of Electricity and Gas for the Rades Combined Cycle Power Plant Construction Project.

The two deals worth US$47,238 will ensure flood control and improve power supply in Tunisia, stated officials from JICA.

The Medjerda is the largest river in the country, which supports agriculture and agribusiness. Increased global warming and consequential rainfall have led to excessive floods, stated local reports.

According to the JICA, the agreement for the Medjerda River Flood Control Project will enable authorities to carry out river improvement work, bridge construction and relocation at the lowermost reaches of the Medjerda and El Mabtouh basin.

The University of Tokyo had conducted a runoff analysis of the river – changes in flood damage were studied taking into account the impact of climate change, and real-time optimisation techniques for dam discharge were investigated. This could eventually enable Tunisian authorities to manage the dams and set up early warning systems, added JICA officials.

Meanwhile, the demand for power in Tunisia is increasing by seven per cent annually and the country is facing a real possibility of blackouts, according to local reports.

The Rades Combined Cycle Power Plant Construction Project will support the construction of a power plant on the scale of 430MW to 500MW. Gas turbine operation is planned to begin in 2017 and combined cycle operation in 2018.

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