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Ecoslops partners with Parlym to support waste oil recycling in Africa

The Scarabox is a micro-refinery unit that recycles hydrocarbon residues locally into fuel and light bitumen. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Ecoslops, a company specialised in the circular economy applied to hydrocarbon waste, has entered into a partnership with Parlym, a company specialised in the engineering of energy infrastructure projects, to accelerate the deployment of the Scarabox on the African continent

The Scarabox is a micro-refinery unit that recycles hydrocarbon residues locally into fuel and light bitumen for the surrounding industries. Thanks to their partnership, Ecoslops and Parlym are able to partner with producers and collectors of hydrocarbon residues to set up and finance Scarabox projects wherever market studies have shown their potential for profitability. 

Both companies are committed to promoting the development of the circular economy on the African continent. By giving value to this hazardous waste and offering a recycling solution based on the best technologies and know-how, this partnership around the development of the Scarabox should prevent more waste from being inappropriately dumped in the natural ecosystem.

The joint venture will cover 25 countries and will invest in local projects co-developed and financed by the two partners. In the very short term, Parlym will take, alongside Ecoslops, a minority stake in Valtech Energy in Cameroon (first client of the Scarabox). The two partners also aim to make a second investment in 2023 in Côte d'Ivoire, once the regulatory approvals will have been obtained.

Johann Charrier, CEO of Parlym, said, “Through this new partnership, we are bringing a new solution for a virtuous and circular economy on the African territory. We are delighted to rely on Ecoslops to reduce our environmental footprint. This fits perfectly with the energy transition objectives we have set for ourselves by 2027.”

Vincent Favier, CEO of Ecoslops, added, “Since the launch of our Scarabox solution, we have been looking for a strong industrial and financial partner with an extensive network in the energy sector in Africa. Parlym is the best possible partner for this project and we are confident that this association will effectively accelerate the development of these innovative and urgently needed recycling units. This is a major step forward for the development of the circular economy of hydrocarbon residues on the African continent, fulfilling Ecoslops’ ambition to become, like Parlym, a major French industrial group operating internationally.

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