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Caprari Digital House, a dyanamic and innovative virtual space, is Caprari Group’s answer to a historic moment in which the way we live and work is changing drastically across the globe

Image for webThe entrance stand home of Caprari Digital House. (Image Source: Caprari)

Online from 16 February, 2021, Caprari Digital House has two words at its heart: flexibility and digitalisation. The virtual space is a new way to serve and support even Caprari’s remote customers, enabling the company to offer an authentic experience for those who want to enter the world of Caprari, get to grips with know-how gained through 75 years of experience, and participate in online events and special promotions.

Caprari Digital House is much more than a simple exhibition space – it is an interactive environment where you can find products in 3D, see and share technical videos, and sign up for webinars made directly by project managers. It is a multilingual space, available 24/7 to anyone who needs it at any moment.

As a communications hub, it is perfect for welcoming and talking with customers in live chat, and making appointments online in real time with readily available sales staff. Moreover, it is the perfect way to stay up to date with all the advantages and exceptional characteristics which make Caprari’s water management solutions so trustworthy and competitive. 

Marcello Petrucci, corporate sales and marketing director at Caprari, commented, “We are delighted to be offering our customers a complete digital experience. Caprari Digital House represents a new frontier on top of our existing, traditional networks, which is sure to reinforce relationships with our clients and allow us to continue being protagonists in the world of water cycle solutions. Exploring Caprari Digital House gives online users the opportunity to traverse a space in which they can find out about our products, complimented by a series of videos and technical data.

"But that’s not all: to render virtual visits even more worthwhile, one can book a video call and then talk with remote Caprari experts, from sellers to product managers. And this is only the beginning – in 2021 we plan to expand our range of digital services even further. For example, we are currently planning a virtual factory tour which will allow customers to enter the facility and see first hand how our products are created. A strategic approach towards digitalisation which will only further reinforce our global presence," Petrucci added.

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