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LIYU Steel introduces Chinese steel to the African market

Liyucsf information platform gathers China’s top 20 steel fabricators together. (Image source: liyucsf)

Shanghai LIYU CSF information platform gathers China’s top 20 steel fabricators together

LIYU technology annually provides the relevant fabricators with professional technical preparations for QMS certification. As a project management company, we can provide all-round services such as the previous qualification assessment, coordination and cooperation, technical support, quality supervision, etc. for the steel structure projects. We always care more about your steel projects.

Gathering China’s top 20 steel fabricators together with a yearly capacity of steel structure of 1 mn tonnes;
With enjoying the superior geographical position (both land and ocean transportation), all partners are located in China’s major ports with convenient transportation;
Covering kinds of steel structural types such as high-rise building, bridge, assembled building and other conventional steel structure;
Involving in processing detailing and fabrication standards such as ANSI, EN, AS, JIS and GB;

LIYU Steel Engineering Trade Includes;
Fabrication Qualification Assessment, Steel Construction Management, Steel Verification Inspection, Steel Construction Management in China, Steel Engineering Logistics in China, Coordination and Cooperation among owners, designers and the fabricators.

LIYU Steel Verification Inspection
Material Receipt Re-test and Verification, Welding Process Witness and Verification, Blasting and Painting Application Verification, Qualification Verification, PQR and Testing Verification, Quality control and NDT inspection supervision and verification.

LIYU Steel Technology Consulting;
Quality management system assessment and establishment, ANSI, EN, AS, JIS and GB standards training, Welding qualification training and certificates issued, Guide and supervise Welding PQRs.

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