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Nigeria to assist South Africa to develop gold mine

Nigeria is partnering with South Africa to develop vast reserves of gold. (Image source: TJBlackwell/Wikimedia Commons)

Nigeria will partner with South Africa to promote gold mining in the country, according to Nigerian minister for mines and steel development

Musa Sada, minister for mines and steel development, said, “Our focus is on gold because we have a lot of artisanals and small-scale miners. We have realised that we are wasting a lot of resources and not getting as much as we should from mining. So, we need to improve on our mining technology and commodity pricing.”

The agreement also stated that Nigeria’s Mining Ministry will procure machinery from South Africa.

Sada added that the west African country will partner with North Korea to develop huge granite deposits in the country.

The minister revealed that Nigeria had plans to acquire the technology and deploy granite cutting machines across the country. The Ministry and the Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC) were collaborating in mineral processing to ensure the viability of mining industries.

Forty-four mineral resources have been identified across Nigeria and Sada said that the Ministry and the Nigeria Export Promotion Council (NEPC) would ensure that they would want to take minerals to a point where they can make the greatest impact.

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