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Macsteel establishes Macsteel Foundation Solutions to expand on the continent

Macsteel can now offer a basket of steel products and a full range of turn-key solutions. (Image source: Macsteel)

Macsteel, one of the leading manufacturers, merchandisers and distributors of steel and value-added steel products in South Africa, has established Macsteel Foundation Solutions, to help drive growth for the company and create value for customers in the construction industry and across untapped markets in Africa

Macsteel Foundation Solutions business development specialist Alex Fernandes said, “The foundation solutions we offer are steel-based construction and innovative lateral support services and products. With the incorporation of Foundation Solutions, Macsteel can now offer a basket of steel products and a full range of turn-key solutions to our customers, under one brand, delivered by one team.”

Macsteel Foundation Solutions is differentiated from conventional construction services in the continent, through the provision of the application of sheet piles. Sheet piles have been used in construction for more than 100 years, for traditional water conservancy, civil engineering, transport networks, environmental pollution remediation, and sudden disaster control.

“The use of sheet piles is proving to be a modern and innovative solution to solve costly construction and lateral support challenges specifically in Africa.  With the threat of extreme climatic events, the use of sheet piles will become more prevalent in the future, used to protect vulnerable communities and infrastructure in Africa,” commented Fernandes.

“How it works – it’s a set of vertical, continuously interlocking sheet piles that forms a flexible vertical wall called a retaining wall which is constructed to retain earth, water, or any other filling material, to ensure the works area is protected from collapse.”

“A significant part of our strategy is focused on partnering with our customers in the early stages of a project so we’re able to provide strategic support from design to installation in providing cost-effective steel solutions to our customers for both temporary and permanent structures,” Fernandes added.

“We understand the importance of remaining agile and relevant and pursuing reinvention means finding new ways to grow our business and enabling our customer to grow at the same time.”

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