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Linking Training, Industry, and Technology in Africa

Skills development on the African continent reflects the challenges of standardising skill-sets throughout a large landmass. (Image source: Panafrican Group)

The Panafrican Group has been investing heavily to improve our employee’s technical knowledge and skills through the implementation of one of the oldest and most effective skill standards programs in North America - the Canadian Red Seal Interprovincial Standards Program

This certification program allows our technical professionals to practice to the highest levels of industry standards.

“This is a strategic decision and a passionate pursuit by The Panafrican Group to differentiate ourselves in the market through offering the highest level of technical support to our customers supported by an internationally equivalent skilled workforce,” noted Scott McCaw, Group Managing Director.

Our Group’s facilities, programs, training methods, and Instructors (industry experts) are all set to ensure that all training components align with Kemp’s original Instructional Design Process (IDP)*, which we have modified for easy application to further develop our industry segments in Africa.


As in Canada, skills development on the African continent reflects the challenges of standardizing skill-sets throughout a large landmass. The variances in cross-cultural educational systems and proficiency levels throughout our territories have given our organization the need to justify setting standardized systems for our employees; our customers demand this. While others tend to reduce their training regimes in challenging markets, we are investing to ensure our customers receive optimal machine performance with availability to impact their costs in demanding global economies.

“We’ve created evidence-gathering tools that monitor and assess our technicians while in the workplace. This is a company-wide initiative that produces maximum evidence-gathering through minimum production-loss at minimal costs,” said William Riquelme, Group Training Manager.

As more electronically-advanced machines arrive in Africa, Panafrican has managed to stay ahead by working closely with our main manufacturer, KOMATSU, to create the Komatsu Nairobi Training Center (KNTC) in East Africa. Our workforce acquires the latest in technology while interacting with industry experts. This will also be extending to our new product lines from WIRTGEN and AGCO.


As a means to improve product support towards our customers, The Panafrican Group is now offering these market-leading training solutions to its customers, providing tailor-made programs designed to fill their technical skills gaps. This is just another example of how The Panafrican Group is seeking to lead the market in support of our customers.

*Professor and researcher in effective instruction and contributor to the Kemp Instructional Design Model.