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Isuzu to roll out light trucks in Nigeria by Q2 2016

Isuzu has finalised the vehicles that will be produced at the Nigeria plant. (Image source: TurboJ/Flickr)

Isuzu’s Nigerian dealer Koncept Autocentre Limited has stated that it will commence the assembly of Isuzu vehicles from Q2 2016

Koncept Autocentre director Victor Eborajolo said that the new assembly plant, which is located at the firm’s premises in Lagos, is undergoing rapid development and currently in the final stages of completing assembly lines.

With licenses from the Nigerian Automotive Development and Design, models have been finalised and the logistics for assembly is going on currently, revealed the director.

The director assured that due processes and standards would be followed to ensure the Isuzu vehicles are up to the mark. Isuzu team leader from Japan, Keisuke Shimoyama, also expressed confidence in their partnership with Koncept Autocentre, describing Nigeria as a “very important market to Isuzu”.

The growth of Isuzu Nigeria has been impressive, according to Gaurav Kaul, general manager of Koncept Autocentre. The Japanese company has managed to capture a seven per cent share in the light truck market segment in Nigeria, despite challenges in the sector.