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How to easily comply with traceability requirements, while protecting profitability

Brady will be on hand at Middle East Energy 2023 at booth H3 - F36. (Image source: Brady)

According to Brady, automated labelling can significantly increase the speed at which products, components, cables and even laboratory samples can be identified

In this space, Brady offers a complete, automated labelling solution that includes industrial-grade labels, automated label printing software and automated print & apply systems. Reliable labels are selected or designed to stay attached and remain legible in working environments. They are automatically printed by smart label printing software and print and apply systems that can be fully integrated in business environments, driven by existing data. 

Easily automate product identification & improve traceability

For manufacturers looking to use automation to overcome human resource scarcity, reduce cost of manual labour, ensure 100% traceability, and continuously improve focus, Brady is here to help.

Activate the competitive advantages of smart manufacturing and start with error-free identification thanks to a fully automated printed circuit board labelling solution.

Every circuit board that is produced can become a data generator for Manufacturing Execution Systems. There is a clever way to make sure every PCB in production is connected to Smart Factories: automated print and apply solutions from Brady.

Automation solutions depending on customer needsBrady editorial 2

Brady Label Printer Applicators reliably automate printed circuit board labelling, consistently print and apply tiny polyimide labels that can resist the entire PCB production process.

Or customers can choose the advanced in-line high-end automated systems, which automatically print and place a reliable traceability label anywhere on any multi, or single board standard PCB in three seconds.

Or they can view the many other Brady solutions that can help increase workplace efficiency and provide more data analysis for continuous improvement. Utilising Brady’s offerings can help increase data accuracy, achieve faster problem intervention, enable faster product batch localisation and many other benefits to the manufacturing processes!

Automated labelling can significantly increase the speed at which products like printed circuit boards and other electronics components can be identified. It enables clients to comply with traceability requirements, while protecting profitability.

Brady offers a complete, automated labelling solution that includes industrial-grade labels, automated label printing software and automated print and apply systems.

Click here to download the free brochure to learn more about automated printed circuit board labelling.

Why automate labelling?Brady editorial 3

Increase production output by improving label data quality while printing labels at greater speed on fixed or flexible locations with automated labelling. By automating labelling customers can:

Increase label data quality: avoid costly labelling errors by using data directly from a single source of authority, which can be a simple spreadsheet, a complete ERP-system, or anything in between;

Increase labelling speed: remove the need to retype data and save up to five minutes per label print job;

Greater printing flexibility: print on a wide range of professional label printers on fixed locations or anywhere with wifi-access.

Click here to find out how to implement automated labelling.

At Middle East Energy 2023 in Dubai, running from 7-9 March, Brady will be on hand to meet with like-minded people in the manufacturing industry to share ideas, challenges and visions. Find the team at the company’s booth (H3 - F36) or get in touch to arrange a meeting and a free demo at:

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