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Diehl Metering supplies Port of Dakar for water management and non-revenue water reducing

(Image source: Diehl Metering)

The Port of Dakar is one of the most important ports and industrial sites on the African continent, thanks to its strategic location

It handles 95 per cent of the commercial traffic of Senegal (80 per cent of exports and nearly 100 per cent of imports). This generates intense activity and remarkable economic vitality, resulting in a high level of water consumption, which needs to be managed. To perform and secure the non-revenue water into the port area, Port of Dakar has chosen Diehl Metering and its local partner, 2nd Etablissement, in 2013, to equip area with smart water metering solution. 

Then, volumetric meter ALTAIR DN40, single-jet meters AQUILA DN60 and DN80, and multi-jet meter CORONA DN15, have been set up without radio equipment. In 2015, the water management objectives grew to include new parameters: a better understanding of consumption, optimisation of the water system, daily billing, in particular for ships that berth for 2 or 3 days, easy access to the data, leak detection, fighting fraud…


To meet these targets, the Port of Dakar decided to install a Diehl Metering remote-reading system. The solution combined IZAR RC i R4 868 MHz radios, installed on water meters, and reception sites equipped with the RDC Premium R4 data concentrator deployed in different parts of the port. This fixed-network allows a daily transmission of the consumption index and alarm information for the entire port. These data are managed directly by the new software IZAR@NET 2 supplies by Diehl Metering. Thanks to the software, configured according to Port of Dakar specifications, collecting data are analysed. The generated reports are an effective decision-making tool to optimise water consumption and finally, to realize economy and profits.

Port of Dakar is very satisfied to use the latest technology developed by Diehl Metering. Readings are successful despite the large area and distance between head office and connection points. The solution allows profitability by invoicing directly consumers and boats: increase of the revenue around 30 per cent in one year, in some strategic big metering points. Leakage detection has been also efficient with +25 per cent of performance. 

Port of Dakar has become a benchmark site for Diehl Metering, the first Smart Metering solution supplier to implement a remote-reading project on the African continent. Then, Diehl Metering supports all projects for natural resources management, from meters to systems solutions and data management. 

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