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Afrox opens air separation unit in Pretoria

The Pretoria project is being jointly handled by Afrox and Linde Group. (Image source: Afrox)

South African gas products and services company Africa Oxygen (Afrox) has opened a US$22.5mn air separation unit in Pretoria

The investment is part of a three-year programme by Afrox and its parent company Linde Group and directed at boosting customer service levels and supporting the company’s growth strategy in South Africa.

Afrox said that the new plant was built to meet global standards. Afrox managing director Brett Kimber said the newly-commissioned air separation unit will produce high purity oxygen, nitrogen and argon to serve the merchant and medical markets in this major bulk business area, as well as in neighbouring countries.

Kimber added, “Majority of our funds is being invested in South Africa because that is where we have to catch-up. Afrox is unlikely to stop investing in the region.”

The engineering division of Afrox’s parent company, Linde Group, was responsible for the design, supply and building of the new plant.

The unit will be remotely controlled from a global operations facility in the UK, ensuring optimal output and quality products.

The Pretoria project will also integrate an existing nitrogen liquefier unit at the site.

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