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AfDB approves US$84.30mn loan to upgrade Tunisia’s digital capability

The project aims to improve the digital ecosystem in Tunisia. (Image source: Africa Studio/ Adobe Stock)

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a loan of US$84.30mn to support the implementation of ‘Digital Tunisia 2020’ national strategic plan

In the project, the Tunisian government is contributing US$74.69mn, bringing the total cost of the project to US$158.99mn.

The ‘Digital Tunisia 2020’ national strategic plan is expected to be executed between 2018 and 2021, aiming to strengthen public services through the use of digital platforms, including the implementation of online administrative services, sectoral information services, a digital ID system and a data exchange platform.

According to AfDB, one important feature of the project is its broad geographical coverage. The project is expected to cut the current regional disparities so that all the Tunisian people, from urban areas to rural communities, will have access to grassroots services online.

Apart from putting government services within the reach of the population, the project focuses on creating a two-way dialogue, letting citizens participate in the formulation and implementation of public policies through electronic feedback, thus creating a climate of open government, said the bank group.

In addition, the project aims to provide support to trigger a strong and performing digital economy in the country that will create job opportunities to the young graduate population, thus adding to the economic development of Tunisia.

“This project will allow the strengthening of administrative services offered to users and people in business,” said Mohamed El Aziz, regional director for North Africa in the AfDB, noting that, “it will contribute to and improve access to public services across the country.”

Commenting on the project, Samatar Omar Elmi, task manager for the project at AfDB, added, “The project really illustrates how the adoption of new technologies can enhance public services delivery, improving the government’s dialogue with citizens while fostering the development of the local digital environment.”

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