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Indian firm ACME wins deal for ESS unit in Africa

This contract marks ACMEs foray into Africa, aims to help reduce energy deficits. (Image source: Yuankuei/Flickr)

Indian energy management company ACME has won a contract to install Africa’s first lithium-ion based energy storage solution (ESS) unit

According to reports, this contract has been awarded by a leading African telecom and tower company. ACME will produce and sell lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries in the continent based on an agreement with a Korean ESS major.

ACME officials have stated that they hope to distribute 110MWh of Li-ion batteries in Africa and India by end of 2016.

Harish Goyal, chief marketing officer of ACME, said, “This solution is the future of energy storage solutions and holds great prospects for high energy-consuming sectors like telecom, realty, renewables and more. This green solution has revolutionised the way we store energy by efficiently managing the energy needs in the financially competitive market segment while being challenged environmentally.”

With Li-ion batteries, users could replace diesel generators and cut down on carbon footprints, added ACME officials. These batteries could be used in sectors like defence and solar power as well.

Goyal added that this contract is ”another step forward by ACME” to solve the biggest challenge of the global energy industry by offering the right storage solutions from kilowatt (kW) to the megawatt (MW) class.

The project is expected to be ready by September 2014.

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