Groundbreaking solar manufacturing plant to be established in Nigeria

The announcement was revealed at COP28. (Image source: InfraCorp)

InfraCorp Nigeria has formed a strategic partnership with Solarge International BV and the African Green Infrastructure Investment Bank (AfGIIB) to establish a solar PV manufacturing plant in Nigeria

The partnership has been described as a pivotal moment in the company’s ambition to align its goal with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for local manufacturing capacities that drive employment, expedite electrification and foster economic growth. At the same time, the President (and now InfraCorp) are aiming to decarbonise the country in line with energy transition commitments.

The plant will produce lightweight panels with a low carbon footprint and, according to InfraCorp, will help position Nigeria as a global leader in sustainable local manufacturing and infrastructure critical for achieving net zero. 

The announcement was revealed at COP28 in Dubai with InfraCorp describing it as a collective commitment to driving innovation, fostering local manufacturing capabilities and propelling Nigeria to a prosperous future.