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The value in Veriga’s tyre protection chains

Veriga provides tyre protection chains intended for quarries, mines and landfills.(Image source: Veriga)

Veriga Lesce has a long-established reputation as one of the world-leading manufacturer of chains

Since its establishment in 1922, this reputation has been built on consistently producing a high quality wide spectrum of chains with an ongoing commitment to value engineering, product development and quality control. Veriga Lesce has been certified with different certificates as a producer of high quality chains for normal, as well as for extreme conditions.

The company’s product range includes all kinds of chains for different purposes; chains for agricultural and forestry applications and especially all kinds of snow chains for all types of vehicles and working machines.

The company also produces tyre protection chains intended for quarries, mines and landfills.

Such a production programme, combined with the quality of products, placed Veriga among the largest manufacturers in the European and global markets. This is why the factory has also manufactured chains for other renowned brands of chains in the past.

For the past decade and a half, manager Mitja Peterlin and his team of employees guarantee customer satisfaction and high quality products.

The products are sold both in the domestic and global markets. With every passing year, Veriga is increasingly successful in competing with the largest global manufacturers of chains, while the company’s own brand Veriga is also getting more and more recognition at the same time. Every year Veriga makes improvements of their products, according to customer demand and feedback.

Tyre protection chains

The company Veriga understands the needs of the modern-day consumer and strives to meet their demands. This also goes for the fields of mining, quarrying, landfill operation and construction. For the purposes of these

industries, Veriga has been producing their Tyre Protection Chains and has always met the needs and demands of the consumers.

By investing in protection chains for their tyres, our customers can be rest assured that their high value Earthmover tyres are well protected and have a prolonged usage period.

Veriga produces their protection chains by using 6 different types and makes of protection elements. This way the customers are guaranteed the best construction of chains, adjusted to their needs. Not only do

the protection chains act as safeguards for the tyres, their different profiles offer a variety of different levels of grip.

The quality of the used material and special case-hardening ensures high wear resistance and a long service life. The most important feature of the chains themselves is the fact that it prolongs the usage of the tires and ensures machine stability with minimum maintenance and downtime.

The mesh of the chain comes in four different shape variations: square, hexa, quad cross and compact cross. Their different types of element density combined with the choice and variety of the protection elements themselves ensure several stages of stability, grip and protection of the tyre.

The forged protection elements are connected to a mesh with welded rings.

Earth, mud and different types of rock are no obstacles for the tyre protection chains. By catering to each customer’s individual needs Veriga assures maximum product satisfaction.

The life span of the chains depends on the factors in which the chains are used in and spans from 3.000 to 15.000 working hours. With the right maintenance and tensioning of the chain, Veriga can guarantee optimum usage and durability of the chains. A team of Veriga’s experts can arrive on-site at the first mounting and adjusts, tensions and inspects the chain prior to first use. Chain experts and our affiliates perform any subsequent technical assistance and repair and customers can be given instructions and training in chain handling.

Veriga tyre protection chains are here to ensure your business and machines run smoothly no matter the conditions.

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