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Emerson has enlarged its range of angle seat valves by releasing the ASCO Series 290D, available now in Europe and globally by late 2022

ASCO Broschure page16 1840The new ASCO Series 290D features a wide range of valve bodies, actuators, options, control box and certifications. (Image source: Emerson)

The robust, modular design of the expanded 290 Series comes with a new array of valve bodies and actuator materials, fittings, functions, certifications and accessories. Significant features include fugitive emissions certification, switch box with IP69K protection level and safe actuator dismounting. These customisations are designed to improve process efficiency and safety while reducing costs in many applications, including industrial, food and beverage and specialty chemical.

In the new ASCO Series 290D, a wide range of valve bodies, actuators, options, control box and certifications are provided for enhanced application versatility. Built-in modularity makes it possible to interchange different actuators on the same body for on-site modification of the valve characteristics after assembly. Both IP66 and IP69K enclosures are available for either indoor or outdoor use. The new Series 290D is also suitable for a wide range of media, including aggressive fluids, steam, gas, vacuum and superheated water.

The 290 Series is designed with a highly reliable fluid control mechanism engineered for exceptionally safe shutdown. The new design helps reduce fugitive emissions and minimises risks to workers and the environment. While the new ASCO Series 290D actuator requires almost no maintenance, further safety-enhancing features include safe actuator dismounting, which ensures maintenance workers are protected during potentially dangerous actuator dismantling procedure.

Backed by the global team of engineers, the new ASCO Series 290D can be used to improve existing processes or can be customised specifically for new applications.