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WakeCap revolutionises construction timekeeping

WakeUp's construction team analysing VerifyTime data. (Image source: WakeCap)

A leader in smart solutions for construction project management, WakeCap, has announced the launch of VerifyTime, a cloud-based workforce management solution designed to automate, verify, and streamline the manual timekeeping process on construction sites 

The launch represents a significant milestone in construction timekeeping. Fast and effective timekeeping is the bedrock of a project’s success. In construction, labour hours, equipment, materials, and other costs must be accurately measured and reported. This role usually falls to the site team and can be prone to errors and delays. VerifyTime replaces conventional timekeeping methods and brings a new level of transparency to the construction industry.

Digitisation of tools and workflows is the single most important development in the construction industry today, representing the biggest potential for sweeping improvements and cost-savings. VerifyTime, including a smart hard-hat solution for construction, outperforms traditional workforce management systems and directly addresses long-standing pain points related to timekeeping such as managing productivity and improving efficiency.

VerifyTime is built on WakeCap's patented sensor technology hardware and data analytics software. It delivers data thanks to information collected through a knob attached to a standard safety helmet worn by site workers. An easy-to-install mesh network connects the entire site to WakeCap’s secure cloud network. Site owners and management teams receive impartial, accurate, and scientific data, monitoring efficiency instead of relying on traditional timekeeping methods. This digitised and automated data is readily available through a mobile application, eliminating manual work and significantly reducing report turnaround time.

VerifyTime’s software can be used on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. It allows timekeepers, managers, and payroll teams to collect and integrate data in real-time, greatly reducing the time it takes to collect and analyse information about the workforce. Because the data is digital and avoids human bias, it is significantly more accurate and reliable. VerifyTime provides ‘at-your fingertips’ data analytics in an easy-to-understand dashboard format, with charts and graphs that offer a visual representation of the data, and metrics over time.

"At WakeCap, we've always believed that visibility and transparency are key to improving efficiency in the construction industry. With VerifyTime, we're addressing two of the biggest challenges in construction — finishing projects on time and keeping them within budget. Delays result in penalties, and VerifyTime can help mitigate that risk," said Hassan Albalawi, CEO and co-founder of WakeCap. “Digital technology is redefining how we work. Its potential to transform traditional workflows is huge.”

Key features of VerifyTime include accurate time tracking, automated timesheets, attendance & timekeeping, payroll integration, compliance and reporting, and trend analysis. These features collectively help in pinpointing and calculating undelivered work hours, allowing managers to take corrective measures promptly. The technology also generates trend reports to understand the reasons for lost hours, such as delays due to broken machinery, contributing significantly to decision-making processes aimed at minimizing waste.

"VerifyTime offers a real-time dashboard showing what's happening in the office, onsite, and beyond. Having real-time data helps our clients be proactive in decision making, ensuring fair and precise compensation for all employees. VerifyTime enables better resource planning, improves productivity, and enhances operational efficiency to reduce unnecessary project labor costs," remarked Salpie Kechichian, head of product management at WakeCap. “It sets a completely new standard for timekeeping and the potential for improving productivity, efficiency and saving costs is enormous – as some of our clients are already discovering for themselves.” 

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