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Raxio launches Mozambique's first tier III data centre

Raxio's Tier III facility boosts Mozambique's digital economy, sets new standards in data infrastructure. (Image source: Raxio Group)

Raxio Data Centres, a leader in carrier-neutral data centre operations with an extensive presence in Africa, has officially inaugurated Raxio Mozambique (Raxio MZ1)

As the first Tier III Uptime Certified data centre in Mozambique, Raxio MZ1 is set to be instrumental in driving the nation’s digital economy forward and supporting the Government’s digital transformation goals. This launch is a significant addition to Raxio’s expanding network of data centres across Africa, establishing a pan-African digital infrastructure.

“We are proud to be opening Mozambique’s first Tier III, hyper-scale ready data centre and are excited to be a critical cornerstone in supporting the growth of the country’s evolving digital economy, helping to accelerate the adoption for digital tools and services across industries,” said Robert Mullins, CEO of Raxio Group. “The flagship Raxio MZ1 facility is a hub of connectivity and digital exchange, with eight of the country’s top telecom operators and connectivity providers already signed up. Delivering this exceptional facility is testament of our capabilities and of our commitment to provide our customers in Mozambique with the world-class infrastructure their businesses require.”

Strategically located in Beluluane Industrial Park (MozParks), near Maputo, Raxio MZ1 is designed to cater to both primary and disaster recovery needs. The location offers robust power and connectivity infrastructure, ensuring a stable operating environment. With Maputo’s proximity to three subsea cable landings, including the high-capacity 2Africa cable, the facility provides excellent international connectivity and serves as a critical redundant route for the Southern African region.

“With this launch, Mozambique is finally set to benefit from having its own world-class data centre facility and Raxio’s dedicated operational experience to support the country’s continued development in this digital age,” commented Emidio Amadebai, Raxio’s general manager in Mozambique. “Mozambique’s location positions Raxio MZ1 ideally to accommodate the needs of both local customers and those in the wider Southern African region.”

Raxio MZ1 features advanced cooling technology, high security standards, and AC/DC power compatibility, ensuring an “always-on” uptime environment. The facility offers customers the ability to cross-connect with local and international carriers and other customers in specialised meet-me rooms. By co-locating in Raxio’s facility, customers can benefit from a shared infrastructure model, reducing operational and capital costs while enhancing application performance and flexibility. Combined with investments in terrestrial infrastructure, Raxio Mozambique aims to improve internet traffic flow among content providers, attract regional and international service providers, and enhance the internet experience for users in Mozambique and the surrounding region.

Sustainability is a core principle for Raxio, with over 80% of Mozambique’s electricity sourced from renewables. Raxio MZ1 will utilise a combination of hydro-generated grid power and local solar supply, reflecting Raxio’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices. The facility's energy-efficient design and technologies are tailored to local climatic conditions, achieving exceptional Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) ratios.

Raxio’s expansion across Africa continues with strong momentum. After opening data centres in Uganda and Ethiopia, the Mozambique launch will be followed by new facilities in Côte d’Ivoire and DRC in Q3 2024, and Angola by the end of the year, bringing the total to six operational centres.

“2024 is a huge year for Raxio and in many ways the culmination of multi-year effort. Our unmatched capability is due to a unique combination of secure financing, in-house technical and project delivery expertise, and the ability to pull together contractors, building teams and so much more,” added Robert Mullins. “As we continue to deliver on our promise to build a network of interconnected data centres, running world-class infrastructure, across underserved markets in Africa, we are convinced that the continent has an important role to play in the deployment of global AI capabilities as these are rolled out. We are excited to be a part of this future.”

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