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Nokia and Vodacom have partnered to deploy 5G technology across South Africa to enable Vodacom to enhance digitalisation for the benefit of companies and individuals

mobile communications africaThe roll out of 5G technology across South Africa is expected to benefit around 70mn customers. (Photo: Tsiumpa/adobestock)

Nokia's advanced technology will enable Vodacom's vision of being the first to launch 5G technology in South Africa.  

“As the leading mobile network provider in South Africa, with the best 3G and 4G networks, it was crucial for us to partner a formidable player such as Nokia as we're gearing ourselves for the next generation of wireless networks, 5G. This collaboration comes at a time when we have a firm mandate from the Vodacom Board to propel Vodacom Group to become a leading digital company," says Andries Delport, Vodacom group chief technology officers. 

According to Delport, Africa is experiencing a mobile connectivity boom and the deployment of 5G technology is expected to see faster Internet speeds benefiting around 70mn customers. 

Rajen Naidoo, head of Vodacom South Africa Cutomer Team at Nokia, said, "We have defined a technology path that allows operators to transition to 5G at their own pace. Working with Vodacom, we can help it identify how 5G can support growth in the country and the steps it should take in its own transition to best meet individual subscriber and enterprise needs."