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Business Communication + Networks = efficiency

Communications at the push of a button, reaching into every last corner of the earth.

Intelligent Unified Communications systems use open interfaces and standard protocols to merge the functions of telephony, e-mail, instant messaging and web conferences. From 2-6 March in Hannover, Germany, CeBIT 2010 will illustrate how you can improve the efficiency of your enterprise using integrated communications processes, yielding positive results for both your balance sheet and the environment.

Celebrating success
IT infrastructure plays a special role in business success, since ideal results are only possible on the basis of a fast, trouble-free dataflow. Find out first-hand at CeBIT how you can make your network fit for the future - from innovative hardware, including the perfect peripheral devices, to plug-n-play solutions. And you'll be amazed at how outsourcing data and computing time can help minimize your internal processes and maximise your profits.
High-speed technologies with breathtaking statistics are behind it all. Networks are not only becoming more flexible, but faster as well: Mobile broadband connections (HSPA+) and FTTH fiber-optic cables at 50 times the speed of DSL are all pointing the way to a new era of business mobility at CeBIT 2010.