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Kambio and Jibrel to leverage blockchain infrastructure for SMEs

The companies will focus on the adoption of blockchain-based financial transactions and global payments. (Image source: Pete Linforth/Pixabay)

Kambio Ventures is building a next-generation, blockchain-enabled capital markets platform for asset-backed security tokens for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

The new membership-based private platform will help corporates tokenise their business, raise necessary growth capital, deliver seamless shareholder management and enable exchange liquidity for global corporates and investors alike.

According to Kambio, many small and medium-sized enterprises often feel isolated and ignored by traditional financial services, as they face multiple hurdles to access crucial growth capital. The company aims to fundamentally change the way that primary issuance and secondary market trading is conducted on a regulated exchange – helping to reshape a historically disjointed private and capital markets industry.

Jibrel provides a fully decentralised banking solution that allows participants to tokenise and exchange traditional assets and financial instruments such as currencies, bonds and equities, enabling near-instant global payments, trading, settlement and clearance.

The partnership will utilise Jibrel’s compliant stable coin solution, Jcash, a collection of tokens pegged to standard fiat currencies. It is expected that Jcash will play an important role in the subsequent launch of future asset-backed tokens and will smooth and expedite the adoption of blockchain-based financial transactions and global payments.

Kambio’s proprietary security tokens, known as security asset-back receipts (SABRs) will be linked to the underlying equity of each listed company. SABRs will be issued, listed and traded on a private exchange much like publicly listed securities, however at a fraction of the time and cost – without the burden of unnecessary intermediaries.

Supported by Jibrel, Kambio will create a new ERC-20 based payment token to support smart and compliant transactions for Kambio’s proposed capital markets solution. In parallel, Kambio will be applying for full regulatory approval for their next generation exchange and maintain a soft target launch for mid-2019.

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