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Alliance on advanced safety communications

Motorola is working with Ericsson to develop a solution for a public safety mobile broadband communications solution that will interoperate with mission critical voice and data to unify the delivery of highperforming voice and broadband multimedia applications


Mobile broadband technology developed by Motorola and Ericsson enables provision of the advanced communications capabilities demanded by public safety organisations, with realtime information sharing between an integrated multimedia command centre and a collaborative portfolio of rugged radios, in-vehicle terminals, and handheld data devices.

“Motorola is committed to innovating where it matters most for public safety to ensure that the end-to-end public safety solution is tailored and hardened to meet the strictest requirements of public safety missions,” said Bob Schassler, senior vice president worldwide radio solutions at Motorola.

Video content sharing

The next generation of mobile communication technology enables the fast transfer of huge amounts of data in an efficient and cost-effective way, optimising the use of the frequency spectrum. With increased speed and decreased latency, professional users can benefit from a wide range of applications (like video based content sharing) effortlessly and while on the move.

Motorola has been focusing on extensive investment in resources and development to drive the critical innovations necessary to serve the unique requirements of a public safety broadband solution.

Additionally, the company seeks to deliver the full spectrum of advanced services to the Public Safety community when it comes to design, implement, support,secure, and manage such networks.

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