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Accessing the Internet of Things with Diehl Metering

(Image source: Diehl Metering)

Choosing a Diehl Metering smart metering solution also means taking advantage of our unique expertise in networking connected devices 

For Diehl Metering, connecting devices is nothing new: for more than 20 years, its IZAR RADIO technology has been collecting consumption data successfully - even under difficult conditions. With more than 35 million smart networks around the world, Diehl Metering is your IoT metering partner.

Enter the Internet of Things with Diehl Metering

In addition to smart systems for parking assistance, waste collection and public lighting, intelligent consumer data monitoring (smart metering is also playing a leading role in the concept of smart cities).

With Diehl Metering you are already perfectly equipped for smart metering. We offer you unique expertise in the networking of devices.

The challenges of Smart Metering consist in particular of solving the problem of difficult reception of consumption data, caused by the location and distance of the meters; optimising the lifetime of the measuring components’ batteries and guaranteeing a high level of security for the data transmitted. 

Thanks to Diehl Metering’s IZAR radio technology all of the network management processes (water and/or energies) are digitised. Fixed network facilitates the smart reading of your customer’s consumption data. Thanks to real-time data transfer, processing, and analysis, all types of leaks can be detected and fixed very quickly when anomalies occur. 

Diehl Metering’s IZAR radio technology is all about quality and expertise:


Thanks to optimised network coverage spanning several kilometres, Diehl Metering delivers exceptional performance at controlled costs (cost per metering point). Customised planning with different levels of service is also offered. 

Up to date

The data are collected reliably every 8 to 14 seconds, so monitoring is not interrupted.


Diehl Metering’s IZAR radio is OMS-certified (Open Metering System), so it is compatible with every other existing OMS system. Extra applications, such as OMS smoke detectors or sensors, can also be added on easily.


The highest security standards guarantee consumer data security: BSI-compliant (Built-in Systems Interface) in accordance with OMS 4.0.2 Sec. Prof. B.

As your partner for the responsible management of resources, Diehl Metering works with you to develop a future-ready business model.