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vHive releases autonomous drone solution for complex cell tower inspection

CEO Yariv Geller said that vHive solutions will enhance employee safety. (Image source: jared brashier/Unsplash)

vHive has announced the enhancement of its fully automated workflow for cell tower inspection using drones to support guy-wire towers

vHive is the developer of a cloud-based software solution that enables enterprises to deploy autonomous drone hives to digitise their field operations and assets.

Tomer Daniel, chief technology officer of the company, said, "Millions of cell towers worldwide require ongoing inspection and surveying as part of their ongoing operations. vHive's solution has already enabled telecom companies to perform thousands of autonomous tower surveys.

“vHive now addresses the complexities of autonomously surveying guy towers. Our ability to intelligently orchestrate one or many drones to acquire data on complex structures such as cell towers, bridges and cranes has enabled us to provide groundbreaking solutions to unmet industry needs," he added.

CEO Yariv Geller noted, "vHive enables enterprises to scale their drone operations. Hive's solution uniquely empowers field technicians to fly autonomous, off-the-shelf drones, generating data in a fraction of the time and cost required by human operators. vHive enables true enterprise scale while enhancing employee safety."

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