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Time to get business done better

There is increasing demand from clients to connect their remote sites in all areas. (Image source: Getty Images)

As a telco provider and also a technology partner, MTN Business can meet all client requirements

According to MTN, a lot of clients have come out of the Covid-19 pandemic with a focus on repositioning themselves in the marketplace.

For the first time, there is a recognition that digitising operations can offer unprecedented commercial value in scale and agility.

Having made substantial investments in fibre technology, high-speed terrestrial and undersea networks and new frequency spectrum across the markets wherein it operates, MTN is perfectly positioned to respond.

A few years ago, MTN also made the decision to build an IP capable radio network for their mobile services, giving their core network the ability to seamlessly integrate with enterprise IP networks. Their mobile towers deliver services to enterprise clients absolutely anywhere they have a network, shortening the last mile and removing complexity and cost.

Now there is increasing demand from clients to connect their remote sites in all areas, including rural and semi-rural. MTN has not only assisted clients with overcoming the connectivity hurdle, but is also committed to helping them automate and digitise their businesses.

Digital demand

Ten years ago, it was unheard of for an automobile manufacturer to approach a mobile operator about the need to automate their plant. Today, airports, ports, mines and manufacturing plants are relying on what was classically considered mobile networks to automate and digitise their operations.

The same telecom provider (now techco) provides the high speed network to store the company’s data in a cloud environment. MTN believes that clients expect their techco partners to add a lot more value.

MTN’s evolution

For MTN, the focus has shifted from being a core telecommunications services provider, towards becoming a technology solutions provider or techco.

The value that the client derives from a technology partnership is now defined by the commercial value added, not simply a solution that meets a specification and price point. The service offering of a techco includes the Internet of Things (IoT), unified connectivity, cloud services, data security, networking infrastructure and asset tracking.

The scope has changed to being client and industry specific, so the requirements and service portfolio vary from one client to the next. Now, the expectation is that a techco like MTN must respond to challenges and make it work, supported by the appropriate technology for each market, and following the client wherever their business leads.

Clients need partners like MTN that will invest in underlying infrastructure, deliver the services they require, have market credibility, are financially sound and have a long-term commitment to their market presence.

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