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Onlime provides speedy communication services in Africa

An aerial view of the Onlime Teleport in Hameln, Germany. (Image source: Onlime)

Business communications company Onlime provides high-quality, secure and reliable services to customers across the globe, ranging from a premium quality VoIP, Internet and data connectivity over VSAT or fibre

Sectors such as enterprise businesses, government, military, oil and gas, mining, banking, NGO and other groups benefit from Onlime’s services.

The company enjoys extensive satellite coverage across Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia through the Caribbean and South America. Specifically, Africa is witnessing a rising demand for different kinds of reliable communication services, and Onlime is at the forefront of providing these services through satellite or fibre-based networks, MPLS, VoIP and wireless solutions.

The company has full Ku and C-band satellite coverage over the African continent, providing reliable business communications solutions to the enterprise market, whether directly through one of its own offices or via its vast network of partners and resellers.

Paul Ziegler, CEO of Onlime, said, “There is no single solution that fits all and there will still be a widespread need for VSAT services, whether they are delivered over C, Ku, Ka, or other bands, as well as other terrestrial networks and fibre. Solution providers need to be flexible and continuously expand their service portfolio responding to market requirements. Onlime always aims to deliver the best experience to our customers. We hope we are doing exactly that.”

Apart from providing the latest range of high-speed communication, Onlime has a team of professionals based out of Germany, UK, Italy, India, Sierra Leone, Angola, DR Congo, South Africa, Uganda, USA and UAE to assist customers personally. The technical hub in Germany is a disaster recovery facility with a help desk available round-the-clock.

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