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HP commits to educate 100,000 learners across Africa

HP opens a tech-enabled HP LIFE centre in South Africa, aimed at supporting local entrepreneurs. (Image source: Caroline Umali/Flickr)

At the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100, HP has announced a new commitment to reach 100,000 learners across Africa over the next three years through the HP Foundation’s HP LIFE (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs) programme

It kicked off the commitment by opening a new tech-enabled HP LIFE centre in South Africa, a technology-enabled hub to facilitate learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship in a physical, face-to-face setting.

Nate Hurst, chief sustainability and social impact officer of HP, said, “We believe that education is a human right, that technology in the classroom is a critical component for a 21st-century education, and that in today’s economy our learning is never done."

“Africa is experiencing rapid urbanisation and digitisation and it’s essential that people have access to learn skills for the work of tomorrow. This new centre provides a launch pad for innovation and opportunity across the continent,” he added.

HP LIFE will offer 30 free, online courses focused on business and IT skills-from business planning and marketing, to raising capital and design thinking.

The company stated that the programme has reached 744,000 learners in 200 countries and territories. All users need is a computer and Internet connection to access it and the physical centre in South Africa will create a more formal educational environment, it added.

At the World Economic Forum’s 48th annual meeting in January 2018, Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) and HP Foundation have announced a new 3D printing course to be delivered through the HP LIFE platform.

3D printing will fundamentally change the manufacturing industry, the company stated. US$4 to 6 trillion of the global economy will be disrupted in the next five to 10 years, shifting economic value and jobs across the globe. This new course will help individuals to learn how to use 3D printing and create entrepreneurial opportunities.

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