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Dynamical launches world’s first all digital wallet

Paymo aims to make digital payments easy for users. (Image source: Erik (HASH) Hersman/Flickr)

Dynamical Systems Research Limited has launched Paymo, a 4G smart wallet that enables people to transact digitally

Paymo can be used for

· Storing credit cards and debit cards (Mastercard, VISA, AMEX) and easily making payments using them

· Using Google Pay to pay for items

· Making payments and transfers using WeChat Pay and Alipay by scanning QR codes

· Storing travel and loyalty cards in one place – including Oyster (London), Suica (Japan) and Octopus (Hong Kong)

· Storing digital keys for smart lock-enabled homes, hotel rooms and cars

· Taking credit and debit card payments using a merchant account

Janko Mrsic Flogel, chairman of Dynamical, commented, “With Paymo, we are helping users go completely digital with their money, wherever they are in the world. Paymo covers not only credit and debit cards but also travel cards and loyalty cards – all on one 4G enabled device. Users can even add a merchant account and simply tap to take or receive money.”

Some of the important features of Paymo include:

· 4G/Wi-Fi for global connectivity

· Credit card sized and weight of 100 grams

· 30-day battery life

· Android OS

· One-click action keys for payment, transfer and balance

· Receipt scanning and Alipay/WeChat Pay enabled 8-megapixel camera

· Fingerprint scanner for security

Sebastian Ng Lei, designer of Paymo, said that Paymo aims to bring the wallet into the 21st Century and enables users to have a dedicated device with a long battery life to make payments anywhere in the world.

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