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Vertiv unveils rapidly-deployable micro data centre solution for African customers

Wojtek Piorko, Vertiv’s managing director for Africa. (Image source: Vertiv)

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has revealed that its self-contained micro data centre for edge computing applications, Vertiv SmartCabinet 2, is now locally available in Africa

Offering the features of a complete data centre in a compact and easily-deployable package, the solution is suitable for a range of applications including banking and financial institutes, education, government, warehousing and retail. It includes an enclosed rack, a 3500W Vertiv Liebert integrated cooling unit, a Vertiv Liebert uninterruptible power supply, as well as a power management unit. All of this is collated inside a cabinet that is smaller in size than other Vertiv SmartCabinet offerings. 

Wojtek Piorko, Vertiv’s managing director for Africa, explained that drivers for the smaller solution include today’s trends towards increased virtualisation and cloud use, which have limited the requirement for on-premises IT infrastructure, along with an increased need for lower IT energy consumption, of particular importance in Africa.Vertiv Africa micro data centre for Africa

In addition, scrutiny over data sovereignty and compliance requirements have resulted in greater demand for similar infrastructure in factories, retail outlets, and educational institutes, also.

Piorko commented, “Over the past two years in particular, there has been a significant increase in remote and hybrid work, as well as growing demand for various IT applications in Africa. At the same time, we are increasingly seeing requirements for data centres to be flexible, standardised, and resilient. The compact, yet powerful, Vertiv SmartCabinet 2 micro data centre is an ideal solution for edge spaces, allowing businesses across the continent to expand their IT compute – and meet changing needs – easily and efficiently.”

The new solution from Vertiv can be equipped with enhanced features such as video surveillance and boasts customisable LED lighting around the system to meet customer’s needs.

Amitesh Kumar, integrated rack business manager at Vertiv, surmised, “A number of our African customers said they loved the Vertiv SmartCabinet product, and would be interested in a smaller option. And, thanks to our global engineering team, that’s exactly what we are now able to deliver. We’re focusing on supporting a new, more efficient deployment of micro data centres.”

This announcement comes hot on the heels of the company enhancing its portofolio to meet partner's power needs. Find the full story at:

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