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Women shaping South African workplace

Women at Tétris South Africa are creating positive work cultures. (Image source: Tétris)

Tétris Design & Build, one of South Africa’s largest interior design and fit out companies, has a pool of talented women ready to shape and implement the workplace of the future

Post-pandemic, workplace solutions fostering inclusivity while attracting dynamic teams are in high demand as companies are reinvigorating their offices into flexible workplaces. They are also promoting health and wellbeing, and actively contribute to business performances.

Zama Zaca, head of business development at Tétris, said, “Workplace strategy and design is a depth of thinking that considers the emotions invoked by the aesthetic. It considers the sense of wellbeing that is established by the textures, lighting, and airflow. It’s also about the elevation of productivity that is enabled by ergonomics, acoustics, and technology. It looks at what can be achieved when colleagues collaborate in communal spaces. It’s about the sense of belonging that is harvested by brand presence, corporate culture and is crucial in creating a healthy workforce!”

Tango Matoti, head of space planning and workplace strategy at Tétris, said, “Workplace strategy and design is about helping organisations understand how workspaces can really support their employees, and the types of areas and spaces they should be investing in to align the user experience within the workplace design. Most spend a lot of time in the office and so I find it rewarding when people’s attitudes are changed by a space and they are excited to go to work and feel catered for, listened to, and happy in their space.”

While the near constant rate of change leads to an understandable level of risk aversion, the women at Tétris South Africa are leading the way in creating create positive work cultures, through the design of workspaces to compete for talent by combining international best practice with outstanding local design.