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MTN to launch global brand campaign

Throughout the campaign, MTN will seek to pronounce its views on the potential of emerging markets. (Image source: MTN)

MTN has announced the imminent launch of its ‘Welcome to the New World’ campaign in selected countries across Africa

Through the multi-channel global brand campaign, the South African-based telecommunications company will seek to pronounce its views on the potential of emerging markets. The campaign will articulate MTN’s belief that emerging markets are on the cusp of a brand new world.

MTN executive for group marketing, Jennifer Forrester, said, “For many years, there has been a gap between the first world and markets in which we operate.

“This campaign is designed to communicate that MTN does not believe that there is a first or third world anymore. Our belief is that we are getting to a new world, a digital world that is a great equaliser. This is a space where a mobile handset is not just a phone anymore, but a bank, a jukebox, a mobile office and even a library. That is a new world that MTN is welcoming its customers to.”

According to the company, the campaign will be MTN’s most ambitious yet. It will comprise 17 television commercials filmed across all of MTN’s 21 markets in Africa and the Middle East. It will also include a combination of market-specific print, online, outdoor and mobile creative executions.

Forrester added that the campaign would seek to celebrate what individuals in all of MTN’s markets were able to do because of the role MTN played in their lives.

She explained, “MTN had grown over the years from being a generic telecommunication company, known for basic telephony, to a lifestyle-enabling, one-stop solutions shop that supports consumers through every moment and every stage of their life. Therefore, the campaign needed to illustrate this growth and transition.”

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