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CrossBoundary Group and Brown Advisory announce strategic partnership

The partnership underpins the shared belief of both firms in major business trends. (Image source: Brown Advisory)

CrossBoundary Group and Brown Advisory have formed a strategic partnership that includes a minority investment by Brown Advisory in CrossBoundary Group and initiatives for both firms to collaborate on a global basis

The partnership underpins the shared belief of both firms in three major trends: an increasingly interconnected world and the rising importance of global frontier markets; the necessity of incorporating environmental, social, and governance elements into investment decisions; and a shift towards impact principles in the capital allocation philosophies of the next generation of wealth creators.

According to Brown Advisory CEO, Mike Hankin, he said, “Investors all over the world are realising how the intersection of financial, social and environmental ideas can lead to better investment results. Historically, many investors believed they needed to make a trade-off between returns and values. But over many years we have found that our focus on sustainability has contributed positively to returns. We expect that our partnership with CrossBoundary will provide us, and our clients, with increased access to the frontier of sustainable and inclusive investment opportunities.”

Matthew Tilleard, co-founder of CrossBoundary Group, spoke about the shared ethos between the two firms, noting “this partnership came about because of a shared sense of values, purpose, culture and mission. For CrossBoundary Group, this partnership gives us an opportunity to learn and benefit from Brown Advisory’s impressive growth story and strong foundations.”

Tom Flahive, partner of CrossBoundary Group, added, “This does not represent a new direction for CrossBoundary, but an acceleration on our existing path that enables greater strategic flexibility to progress on our growth strategy and long-term vision.”

Elise Liberto, who led the deal for Brown Advisory, noted, “Our investment was primarily driven by our strong belief in the team, our shared values and a wide range of strategic opportunities for collaboration in thought leadership and network expansion. As we worked with the CrossBoundary team, Dave Churchill, our CFO and COO, would remind us of the parallels between their firm and the early growth of Brown Advisory. We are excited to help CrossBoundary in its mission in whatever way we can.”


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