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Diamond Bank launches AI-powered Chatbot for Nigerian customers

AI-driven Chatbot Ada is set to expand the bank’s digital-led strategy and reach more people across Nigeria through mobile banking. (Image source: lau rey/Flickr)

Diamond Bank, one of the fastest growing retail banks in Nigeria, has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot, leveraging pioneering technology to reach more customers with an enhanced service in Nigeria

The Chatbot named ‘Ada’ uses AI technology to provide a human-like interaction and personalised experience for Diamond Bank customers. As Ada learns from past interactions, Diamond can offer more relevant and timely solutions that are really simple for customers to use.

Ada aims to enable transactions such as airtime purchase, bill payments, stock trading, and money transfers all via a social network platform. Already live on Facebook Messenger, Ada will also be on other messaging platforms in the coming months.

Ada is expected to give Diamond the opportunity to reach millions of people and facilitate financial inclusion on an extraordinary scale, extending Diamond’s reach into Nigeria’s massive retail opportunity.

In addition, Ada also provides a solution to Nigeria’s evolving lifestyle trends which have moved towards preferences for mobile and digitally delivered services. The move is also aligned with the economy’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and Ada was built using local talent.

Commenting on the launch of Ada, Uzoma Dozie, CEO of Diamond Bank, said, “Ada will allow us to further digitalise the mobile banking process and create an increasingly customised mobile banking experience for our millions of customers.”

“Diamond already has a foundation of more than 15mn customers, and our AI-driven Chatbot Ada will enable us expand our digital-led strategy and reach even more people across Nigeria through mobile banking,” Dozie added.

Apart form this, some of the Diamond Bank initiatives include supporting Nigeria’s future business leaders through its Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme and upcoming Tech Fest in April, aiming to improve financial inclusion by focusing on increasing female participation in the formal economy and the roll out of its Diamond Y’ello mobile banking service, which now has more than million users.

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