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Cellulant acquires PSP license in Ghana

Around 38.9% of the population aged 15 years and older had a mobile money account in Ghana. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Pan African payments company Cellulant has announced the acquisition of PSP License in Ghana as it rolls out a digital payments solution for businesses

This announcement comes after the Central Bank of Ghana issued Cellulant a payment services provider (PSP) License. The PSP License allows Cellulant to aggregate merchant services, process financial services, acquire merchants; deploy POS systems, and aggregate payments for banks, institutions, and the general public. The license is a requirement under the Payment Services Act 2019 which mandates that all Financial Technology or digital payments companies be licensed by the Bank of Ghana before they can operate in the country.

Additionally, Cellulant is launching Tingg in Ghana to provide the best customer experience for all persons and businesses looking to digitize their payments, collect, and disburse to customers today.

Cellulant Ghana country manager, Eric Kortey, said, “We believe that Ghana is fast becoming a hub for fintech in Africa. Being licensed by the Bank of Ghana means a lot to the growth of our industry and opens doors to increased security and confidence in digital payments systems. Cellulant’s digital payments platform is allowing every Ghanaian to pay for their goods and services through any payment channel of their choice.”

Hundreds of businesses have already begun using Tingg to collect digitally from their customers across Ghana.

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