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The dti to host SA Investment Roundtable at Mining Indaba

The South African government attracts and promotes foreign direct investments in different industries of the mining sector. (Image source: RitaE/Pixabay)

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti), in collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) and Brand South Africa, will host the South African Investment Roundtable on the margins of the 25th annual Investing in the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town on 5 February 2019

The purpose of the roundtable is to provide potential investors from targeted countries with the opportunity to interact with the South African political and business leaders in order to obtain first-hand information on the issues relating to the South African mining environment. Invited to the roundtable are potential investors from various countries including Canada, the USA, India, Japan, China, Australia, United Kingdom and Russia.

The Investing in African Mining Indaba is held under the theme Championing Africa’s Sustainable Economic Development. It is a forum aimed at building and maintaining cross-continental business relationships in the mining sector. The event is regarded as the world’s largest gathering of the most influential stakeholders in the African mining industry. These range from financiers, investors, and mining professionals to government officials.

More than 750 investors and dealmakers are expected to be amongst the approximately 7,000 delegates that are expected to descend on Cape Town from across the globe.

“The South African government has identified the Mining Indaba as a strategic forum to attract and promote foreign direct investments in different industries of our mining sector. The Indaba is billed as the largest mining investment event covering the entire value chain. Our Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) identifies mineral beneficiation as an area of work that presents an abundance of opportunities which investors can take advantage of in order to grow our mining sector. This provides the massive potential of contributing to growing the country’s economy, creating jobs, transformation and eradicating poverty,” the dti statement said.

“The country’s minerals beneficiation strategy seeks to optimise synergies and linkages between mineral value-chains to promote economic diversification, focusing on industrial capacity development in energy commodities, as well as the iron, steel and titanium value-chains,” concluded the dti.

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