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Yanmar CE to emphasise electric portfolio at INTERMAT

Yanmar CE's V7-HW is based on a new platform to support both diesel and electric power trains. (Image source: Yanmar CE)

Yanmar CE is leaning into INTERMAT’s sustainability motif with its line-up of compact machinery

INTERMAT 2024, being held at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte, Paris from 24-27 April, is encouraging a focus on environmental sustainability. The conference has made five key commitments to this end, including optimising the eco-design of the conference; reducing the show’s carbon footprint; raising visitor awareness on enjoying the show more responsibly; putting on events to support the economic performance of its communities; and encouraging exhibitors to take part in the show with a CSR approach.

Such a drive is a sign of the times within the global construction industry as a widespread and discernible stakeholder demand to reduce its carbon intensity continues to build.

In light of this atmosphere, and in keeping with the last commitment of INTERMAT, Yanmar CE has revealed the line-up that it will be bringing to Paris. As the “most ambitious and cutting-edge range of compact machinery in decades”, the company will be displaying all-electric loaders, excavators and tracked carriers alongside low-emission SV86-7 and SV100-7 midi excavators at its booth (EXT6C 098).

Electric machinery delivering top performance 

A big reveal which the company was keen to highlight is the all-electric trio of the V8e, SV17e and C08e. The first, a 4.5 tonne electric wheel loader, features an 800 l loading bucket and smooth hydrostatic drive with high-lifting capabilities. Described as an ideal solution for heavy lifting in all-terrain applications, it boasts a 11kW charging in standard configuration and 22kW in optional fast charging.

The SV17e is a mini excavator powered by all-electric drive and features an open-centre hydraulic system with load-sensing hydraulic pump. Delivering 23.5kWh gross electric power (19kWh usable), the 48V air-cooled model provides a high standard of digging, lifting and carrying capabilities.

Rounding off the electric trio is the C08e electric carrier, a compact and capable machine ready to navigate the narrowest paths with ease and agility. The 555 kg carrier combines compact dimensions with an 11.5kWh battery and a capacity of 24V to offer power and maneuverability even in tight spaces.

Electric machinery is a running theme that the company has embraced as it comes to INTERMAT and a range of other solutions will also be exhibited including the V7 and V7-HW that are based on a new platform to support both diesel and electric power trains. This is all part of Yanmar CE’s commitment to creating a sustainable future to which it has committed to be free from greenhouse gas by 2050.

Special mention must also be given to the major show debut of Yanmar CE’s next-generation midi-excavators. The SV86-7 and SV100-7 “set new standards of compactness and efficiency in the 8-10 tonne segment” according to the company and maintain a compact footprint usually associated with smaller machines. Featuring a tight front swing radius and minimal rear turning radiuses the machines are ideal for operating in tight spots, especially coupled with minimal rear overhang.

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