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Mining Indaba underway in Cape Town

Attendees wasted little time visiting the numerous exhibitors in the main hall. (Image source: Alain Charles Publishing)

With Investing in African in Mining Indaba opening its doors in Cape Town, South Africa, more than 8,100 attendees are arriving at the CTICC to make the most of Africa's premier mining conference as it runs from 5-8 February

As the conference celebrates its 30th anniversary, Africa's mining community is enjoying the chance to reconnect and outline the key investment inhibitors prevailing on the continent, as well as exploring how these will lead to new opportunities.  Aside from the multitude of panel sessions and discussions taking place, there is arguably no better demonstration of the conference’s theme of ‘Embracing the power of positive disruption: A bold new future for African mining’ than the array of organisations manning the booths in the conference centre’s heart. Here, the full spectrum of the continent’s mining industry is on display, with representatives ranging from energy suppliers all the way to heavy machinery and mineral processing equipment as well as everything in between including government stands, financial services providers, spare parts dealers and more. Notable exhibitors on display include:

SRK Leading global consulting group 

SRK Consulting will be showcasing its innovative approaches and expertise for mines’ key operational and sustainability challenges. 

Celebrating its 50 years of service to mining, SRK today comprises an international network of practices. Its integrated and multidisciplinary teams work with clients on projects across the mining life-cycle – from exploration and resource estimation to mine planning and closure. 

The company has been a pioneer in addressing growing environmental, social and governance (ESG) demands, as well as in harnessing digital technologies to raise efficiency and mitigate risk. Its skill sets have evolved and advanced to meet the sector’s rapidly changing needs, among which are advanced geotechnical engineering and geophysics, water stewardship, decarbonisation and conformance to the Global Industry Standards on Tailings Management. 



Bosch Rexroth Africa

As a leader in hydraulics, pneumatics and automation, Bosch Rexroth Africa is intending to bolster its presence and showcase its innovative solutions for the mining industry at the conference. 

The focus of the company’s stand will be on the provision of the most technologically advanced solutions and services to the mining industry. Company representatives will be in Cape Town and ready to discuss solutions such as Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)-based mining solutions offered by fell group company, Smart Mine, and a range of Hägglunds drive systems that are designed to optimise operational efficiency.

Bosch Rexroth Africa CEO, Chris Riley, said, “Participating in this event will help expand our footprint across the industry and continent. The opportunity to engage with industry leaders about our most innovative products and services is invaluable.”

Flyability Elios 3 Rev 7 LiDAR

Flyability will attend the conference in Cape Town and showcase its flagship drone, the Elios 3. Flyability designs specialised drones for data collection in confined spaces, keeping people away from dangerous locations. 

The Elios 3 has a protective cage, a robust collision-tolerant design, and powerful flight management software. This unique drone captures LiDAR and visual data simultaneously to create digital recreations of the areas it surveys. 

The Elios 3’s Rev 7 LiDAR payload captures 1.2 million points per second with 99% of points accurate to 1 cm, enabling fast, accurate, and detailed scans of inaccessible areas. If the Elios 3 loses signal, it autonomously flies back along its flight path to reconnect to the controller, enabling pilots to operate with confidence and from a safe distance. Flyability has named it the ultimate drone for use in mining, with applications including volume calculations, mapping and surveying, geo-referencing, and equipment management. 


As a global leader in supply chain traceability, Circulor’s technology enables companies to gain full visibility of their supply chains, proving the origin, material journey, and ESG credentials of critical minerals and downstream products like batteries and battery components. 

Increasing public awareness, regulatory, and investor pressure is compelling companies to demonstrate the provenance of materials, ensure responsible sourcing and extraction, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Using its PROVE platform, Circulor tracks the physical flow of materials as they change chemical and physical states, creating a reliable digital chain of custody. With Circulor, mining companies prove sustainable and responsible sourcing with the measurable data that is now required. They can build confidence and trust with investors, customers, and auditors, and enable compliance with growing regulations.

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Africa Global Logistics 

AGL is a leading multimodal logistics operator in Africa with 23,000 employees in 49 countries, ensuring Africa's connectivity to itself and to the world. AGL is also a logistics specialist for the mining sector in Africa, offering tailor-made solutions for mining projects, from construction to operation. 

AGL manages client supply chains, from international transport to customs clearance, while respecting the environment and safety. In Cape Town, visitors can discover AGL's innovative services and solutions to optimise mining logistics. 

Comacchio Macchina Scontornata EGeo 405 01

Comacchio is introducing the first battery-powered drill rig for mining exploration operations. 

The Comacchio eGEO 405 is the first battery-powered electric drill rig designed for soil investigation and mineral exploration applications. The ‘heart’ of the machine is the battery pack, consisting of a modular battery system, delivering a total energy content of 78kWh and reaching a nominal voltage of 350VDC. The battery system is placed on the rear part of the machine in a separate and exchangeable box, designed to be easily swappable. 

All main loads of the drill rig are electrified, including the high-performance rotary head, flushing pumps and winches. The eGEO 405 is designed to perform as well if not better than the diesel-powered equivalent. It can offer the same functionality and provide the maximum required power, regardless of drilling method, covering the full spectrum of applications connected with mineral exploration programmes


As a progressive energy and solutions partner, Engen is highlighting its commitment to positive change and sustainability in line with the event’s overarching theme. It will display under the banner ‘Always Moving (because mines are always moving)’, a sentiment that reflects its dedication to supply chain excellence, service, and community upliftment. 

Its stand will feature a range of Engen products while also showcasing corporate social investment projects, localisation initiatives, SMME and enterprise development strategy, as well as innovative mining solutions. 

“We're excited to again be part of the largest mining event in Africa, showcasing how we support supply chain and service excellence on the continent, coupled with our numerous CSI initiatives, which focus on uplifting communities in areas in which we operate,” remarked head of Engen’s commercial business, Drikus Kotze.

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