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Grupel to bolster ties with Africa through trade show participation

Grupel’s vision for the continent is to act as a key supplier of reliable energy solutions. (Image source: Grupel)

Keeping up with its culture of proximity to customers and markets, Grupel, a manufacturer and seller of gensets and electric engineering projects, is expected to attend two important upcoming events in Africa: Africa Energy Forum (running from 20-23 June in Nairobi, Kenya) and FILDA (arriving in Luanda, Angola, from 18-22 July)

With an experience of more than 45 years providing energy solutions for numerous applications, Grupel has been working in Africa for around the last 20. The company’s presence in the continent started when their power generators were chosen to support the energy needs of the first telecommunications projects in the PALOP countries. As of today, Grupel has provided solutions for many other sectors, like water treatment facilities, power plants and mining sites. 

In the hopes of showing their most recent projects and plans of innovation, Grupel’s team expects to meet with important players and industry leaders at the two events, expanding their contact list of business partners.

An added value proposition 

Complying with international quality standards, including ISO9011, ISO14001 and CE-marking, Grupel’s virtue is recognised in more than 70 countries around the world. This comes mainly from the proven quality of Grupel’s products’ components, supplied by renowned brands, including its own. Furthermore, another one of the brand’s key values is its focus on the customer, as Grupel provides tailor-made solutions adjusted to the most demanding requirements from clients and site conditions. 

Innovation and product development 

In addition to offering customised and reliable solutions to meet specific energy needs, Grupel is working on the generation of renewable energy, with the development of hybrid systems of low-emission generators with solar panels, wind turbines and BESS battery banks. Furthermore, the company is increasingly investing in the use of cleaner fuels, such as biofuels and natural gas, making its operations more sustainable.

Strengthening ties with Africa 

Africa's industrialisation is rising and dependent on mining products, fuels and agricultural produce. Moreover, the demand for energy is set to grow exponentially in the continent, while some countries still experience outages and loadshedding, that cost around 2% of their GDP. Thus, gensets play a fundamental role, as they guarantee a stable supply to power plants, WWTPs, infrastructure complexes, mining sites, oil & gas units, and renewable systems. Grupel’s vision for the continent is to act as a key supplier of reliable energy solutions that can help sustain and develop essential activities.

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